Patchwork Hostel will charm you with it’s warm welcome and inviting atmosphere. You’ll feel  right at home!  Our awesome team is made up of our neighbours and friends – fellow travellers who’ve been  around the world and now want to share their experiences and enthusiasm with you! Their  passion is what makes Patchwork so unique. You’ll never be bored here – we’re too busy having  fun and living life to the fullest!  Some of our team are also our former guests – they decided to turn their whole world upside  down, move to Warsaw and become a part of the Patchwork family.  The patchwork family is a melting pot of personalities and individuals – it’s what makes us so  unique. Each person is a puzzle piece that makes the team complete. Receptionists, cleaners,  managers and bartenders – we’re all here to fill this place with our love and laughter.  We’d love to meet you too!