First of all, forgive us for being sentimental 🙂

Last night, exactly one year ago, our first guest arrived at Patchworks doorstep. We were not officialy open yet but we welcomed Alex and went drinking to celebrate this moment.

Since then around 35 000 beds were occupied by our guests. Most of them coming from UK, United States and Germany. But we were very proud to host people from Yemen, Cuba, Gabon, Bahamas, Cambodia, Sri Lanka, Puerto Rico, Mauritius, Ecuador, Guatemala, Jordan, Honduras, Nepal and many other far away places.

On average guests stayed with us for 5 days. Which makes us think Patchwork was the right place to stay and made many of our guests extend their visit in Warsaw, come back or even join our team.

It’s unbelivable how many memories were made under the Patchworks roof this last year.


PS. Join us this Saturday in our PatchBar in the hostels basement to celebrate Patchworks 1st Bday!