„Flyspot is a closed air circuit vertical windtunnel with a diameter of 4.5 meters (14ft), in which the high-powered fans generate a uniform airflow of speeds up to 310 km/h. The most powerful, fastest, most perfect vertical windtunnel in the world.

Flyspot was created through a combination of passion and love. Passion and love for flying – and the desire to share these feelings with other people. This combination created a space where everyone can experience the emotions that, until now, were available only to those few practicing extreme sports.

In Flyspot everyone can soar in the air like a bird, to fly freely without the risk posed by traditional flying.

All this is done in a unique building, designed by the best Polish architects, located on the border of Warsaw and Ożarów Mazowiecki.”

www: http://www.flyspot.com/


Wspólna Droga 1
05-850 Mory


Open everyday: 8:30-24:00
Reception open hours: Mon – Sun 8.00-21.00

info and image:  http://www.flyspot.com/