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The Regulations define the conditions of the reservation of accommodation and use of services in the Hostel.
Making a reservation is unequivocal with reading and accepting the provisions of the Hostel’s Regulations.
1. The Hostel’s reception is open 24 hours a day.
2. Check-in begins at 15. 00 and ends at 11.00.
3. Should the reserved room will be ready for use before 15.00 there is a possibility of early check in.
4. Check out is at 11.00, up to that time the room should be released, and the key returned to the reception.
5. Not checking out up to 11.00, shall result in a fee for the next day started, but shall not be construed as an extension of stay. If the bed or room is reserved for the next day by another person, the Hostel staff shall be authorized to enter the room while the Guest is away, pack his belongings and move them to baggage storage, for further collections.
6. Upon arrival, the Guests are required to provide the receptionist with a valid photograph ID and to pay all charges for the reserved accommodation.
7. Guests not possessing a valid ID may not be admitted to the Hostel.
8. At check-in, in case of reservation for staying in dormitories, a refundable deposit in the amount of PLN 50 or the corresponding equivalent in another currency shall be charged, for the key to the rooms and/or personal lockers
9. Hostel may refuse to admit a Guest, should the Guest previously violate the Regulations or otherwise interfere with the functioning of the Hostel.
10. The Hostel may refuse to admit a Guest, who is under the influence of alcohol or other drugs. In such case, the Hostel reserves the right to fully or partially keep the fee for the stay at the Hostel.
11. The Hostel may refuse to provide services for the Guest during his stay, should his behavior violate the rules of the Hostel, or otherwise violate the rules of social interaction in the Hostel. The payment for the Hostel’s services shall not be refundable.
12. In the case of inappropriate or aggressive behavior being in breach of the order of the Hostel, the dignity of other people or their personal interests, the Hostel reserves the right to call the Police or the Municipal Police and/or Hostel security, while the Guest shall be asked to leave the premises without the possibility of refund for unused stay.
13. Items left by Guests at the hotel shall be stored for a period of 30 days. After such period, they will be destroyed.
14. Animals are allowed at the Hotel only if the Guest reserves a private room. In such case, the Guest should pay a refundable deposit in the amount of PLN 100. The Guest shall be financially responsible for any damage caused by the animal.
1. Smoking is completely prohibited at the Hostel’s premises. In the event of a breach of this prohibition, the penalty of PLN 200 shall be enforced by the Hostel staff. If the fault of the Guest comes to join the fire alarm, it will be charged for the unjustified call the Fire Brigade.
2. The use of drugs is utterly prohibited at the Hostel’s premises.
3. The Guests are required to observe quiet hours from 22.00 to 6.00 under pain of penalties in the amount of PLN 100 for each violation of the prohibition
4. Guest are fully liable for any damage or destruction of equipment and technical equipment caused by their fault. Guest should inform the front desk about the damage immediately after it has been discovered.
5. The Hostel is responsible for loss or damage to items brought in by its Guests, to the extent specified by the provisions of Articles 846-849 of the Polish Civil Code, should these items be in a locked room. The locked room should be construed as a private room or a closed cabinet (so called “lockers”). The keys to the lockers are collected at the reception hostel.
6. The Hostel is not responsible for valuables or personal belongings left in the rooms and common areas.
7. The Hostel shall not be liable for any failures/shortages not caused by its fault (power, water shortages etc.)
8. Should any of keys made available to the Guests by lost, a fine in the amount of PLN 50 should be charged.

9. Should the Guest’s behavior give rise to the obligation of above-standard cleaning, the Guest shall be fined up to the amount of PLN 200.
10. The guests of the check-in Guests allowed in the Hostel’s, may remain at the Hostel’s premises, only with the knowledge and consent of the reception’s employee, but not longer than until 22.00.
11. The wireless kettle, iron, etc. may be used only in designated places.
1. The reservations may be done via phone, e-mail, or the reservation form available on the website.
2. Price per night is not constant, and shall depend on the availability of rooms in the Hostel. Current prices are available on the website of the hostel. After booking, guests are guaranteed immutability of the agreed price for the service.
3. The Final Booking shall be followed with making payment of the deposit. Payments must be made to the account number available in the contact tab on the website. Failure to pay or send confirmation of the transfer within a period specified by the person receiving a particular reservation shall result in its cancellation.
4. The down payment shall be refundable if the reservation will be canceled no later than 24 hours before the date of arrival. Should a reservation be made 2 days prior to arrival the deposit is non-refundable.
5. For reservations or no-arrival at the declared date of arrival, the Hostel reserves the right to charge the Guest’s credit card and cancel their reservation.
6. In the event of circumstances preventing the Guest from staying in a booked room, the Hostel will provide the Guest with a room of an equivalent standard. If not possible, the Hostel will provide a room of a similar standard in a different premise.
7. The extension of stay should depend on the Hostel’s vacancies availability.
8. The Guest shall is required to pay for his stay, prior to check – in. The payments should be done in cash or by charge.
9. Should the Guest shorten his stay, the payments charged for the unused nights shall be refundable only under a 24h notification prior the new leave term.
10. The Hostel Staff shall do its Best to place Guests in the same room, within a single reservation.
11. The request for an invoice should be made at check – in. Invoices are issued within 7 days from service, upon a relevant receipt.
12. Booking confirmations issued during the guests’ visa procedures, are issued by the Hostel only in case of bookings pre-paid in full, for a period of at least 3 (three) days. In such case, the down-payment is not returned, even if the visa procedure has a negative resul


1. A group reservation should be construed as a reservation over 10 or more persons.
2. Group reservations shall be conducted with the Hostels management. All group booking conditions may differ from individual reservations.
3. In the event of group stays, the group’s organizer is obliged to complete the list of participants with their personal data, and its transfer to the Hostel, in order to streamline the check – in process.
4. A deposit of PLN 50 (or the equivalent in another currency) shall be charged upon check in. The deposit shall be returned upon check out, should no damages be done by any members of the group.
5. The organizer shall assume full responsibility for any loss or damage to the Hostels property and breach of its rules.
1. Shared rooms are of a co-educational nature. Each bed in these rooms is intended for one person.
2. Lending of rooms to non checked-in persons shall be forbidden.
3. The Guests shall be obliged to comply with the fire instructions and the common security rules.
4. For fire – security reasons, it shall be prohibited to use electric heaters, irons and other appliances not used within the Hostel. The abovementioned prohibition does not concern chargers, computer chargers and RTV appliances.
5. The following arras shall be within the Guests use: common room, computer room, kitchen annexes connected with the dining room.
6. Cleanliness and order should be maintained both in the common areas and the rooms.
7. During longer stays of the same persons, the non occupied rooms are cleaned after the third hostel day. The sheets are changed after the seventh day at the hostel.
8. Additional charges are made for renting of a towel or laundry. The rental of an iron, ironing desk, hair dryer or laundry dryer is charged in the amount of PLN 20.


1. Upon reservation the Guest hereby agrees for the placement of his personal data in the Hostel’s database. The data shall be processed solely by Hostel in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29.08.1997 on Personal Data Protection.
2. Total Project Management Civil Partnership A. Członka K. Członka (hereinafter referred to as “TPM”) reverses its rights to modify its to services, the removal of all stored in the data set, cessation, transfer of rights to another entity, and to take any other lawful activities related to the a/m services, due to which TPM shall not be liable in any way.
3. The law applicable to disputes between TPM and the Guest, shall be the Polish law. Should any discrepancies arise, they should be settled within the jurisdiction within the court of Polish law, relevant for the TPM’s registered seat.
4. The management and staff of the Hostel shall make every effort to ensure that the services are at the highest level. Any reservations regarding the quality of service and complaints shall be accepted in the Hostels reception.